The amount of fat, carbohydrates, and calories consumed in a day can have a direct impact on the health of people with FCS. It can also affect how they feel. Work with a registered dietitian to come up with daily nutrition goals – and then try to meet them. Instead of trying to remember what you’ve had to eat or drink, consider keeping track in an app or on paper. Share the results with your dietitian and health care provider to ensure you’re making the best choices. Make changes as needed. And celebrate successes!

How to Track Fat

  1. Write down your goal (whether fat, carbs, calories, or something else) for the day in grams or calories.
  2. Distribute your daily goal across meals and snacks.
  3. Record what you eat and drink, the serving size, and the grams or calories.
  4. Add up grams or calories eaten during the meal or snack. Compare to goals. Adjust next meal as needed to stay within goal.
  5. At the end of the day, add up the subtotals and record the daily total. Share periodically with your doctor or dietitian to see if you’re on track!