What can we do for you?

Finding out that you have a rare disease can be an overwhelming, sometimes isolating experience. We are here to help. The FCS Focus Education and Support Program is a trusted resource for Canadians living with FCS, their caregivers, and their families.

We provide you with a dedicated nurse to assist you with understanding disease and nutritional information, to act as a bridge between you and other members of the FCS community, and to listen to your challenges with FCS. The overarching goals of this support program are to build connections within the FCS community and to offer support and resources that will empower patients to become informed advocates of FCS. Through this website and the FCS Focus Education and Support Program, we will share new developments to help patients, their caregivers, and their families through their journey with FCS. We strive to provide a safe haven for patients to meet with other FCS patients, share stories and challenges, exchange questions, and support one another. Remember – you are not alone. Join the FCS Focus Education and Support Program today.